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high density polyethylene membrane

  • Dewatering Bag(Dewatering Bulk Bag)

    Contact NowDewatering Bag(Dewatering Bulk Bag)Dewatering bags are designed to filter sediment, silt and sludge on site and broadly in field operation. By pumping water into the bag, silt, dirt, sand and other pollutants are trapped and filtered so only water escapes to the ground below.

  • High Water Permeability Sludge Drainage Woven Geotextile Bags(Geotube)

    Contact NowHigh Water Permeability Sludge Drainage Woven Geotextile Bags(Geotube)TRST Woven Geotextile Dewatering Bag for Engineered Filtration provide easy and economical solution for large dewatering or sludge removal projects. Each TRST Dewatering Bag is constructed from a robust geotextile filter fabric to catch and contain sediment as it is pumped from your site.

  • Sand Filled Geotextile Tube (Geotube) For Coastal Protection

    Contact NowSand Filled Geotextile Tube (Geotube) For Coastal ProtectionGeotextile tubes are designed to deliver cost effective solution for waste water treatment and marine dredging operations applications. Geotextile tubes can be placed along shorelines and rives fronts as part of man-made dune or riverbank. They are also perfect for containing and dewatering...

  • Geotextile Bag

    Contact NowGeotextile BagGEOTRST geotextile bag is made of durable synthetic geotextile which has high permeability and good resistance to erosion and weathering. The geotextile bag can be filled with rocks, soils and sediments, ideal for applications of construction of offshore breakwaters and the basal protection of...