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What Is The Reason For The Aging Of The Waterproof Geotextile
Jul 11, 2017

We all know that there is a period of time after the waterproof geotextile to be replaced, because the geotextile aging, the use of performance degradation, can not be very good to complete our demand for it, then we come to explore the causes of geotextile aging is what.

In fact the causes of geotextile aging due to internal and external factors. Internal factors refer to the nature of the material itself, mainly: the structure of the monomer, the internal nature of the polymer system, additives, etc .; external factors mainly refers to the external environmental factors, mainly sun, oxygen, heat, moisture, pH, Industrial gas, sea water, salt spray, mold, bacteria and so on.

Waterproof geotextile after two major factors in its chemical and physical properties will change, so the aging problem will be unexpected. So in order to achieve the use of results, Xiao Bian or suggest that you pay attention to the regular replacement of geotextile yo.

Manufacturers of geotextiles must have a national approach to the material certificate in the construction process to be applied. Geotextile production of raw materials is an important part of its performance after the formation, so the manufacturers must be produced when the performance of raw materials and performance indicators and the specifications of the normal geotextile specifications can be used. Construction team in the development of geotextile business products, but also extract a certain amount of products to the relevant departments to test, only all the data show qualified before they will be put into use.

Before the laying of the geotextile construction team must have developed a detailed construction organization before the design, record and identify the location of construction, methods and the use of geotextile specifications of the technical skills, in the laying of the process if the smaller area can be used Artificial, but the artificial process in the laying of the whole process must use flat shoes, to prevent the entire plane tread bad, the entire laying of the plane must be done how many meters will be compacted how many meters, the construction of the protective layer must also complement each other to ensure that the entire project Stitching done foolproof. Another important part of the construction process is the upper and lower anchorage, after the completion of the supervision and acceptance must be written after the quality inspection report submitted to the relevant departments to pass before the next step in the construction work. Supervision in the detection is the use of inflatable method for all the splicing port to detect the use of vacuum table control whether the rise or fall pressure, if the rise, then we must find the reasons for the timely leakage of rectification. The last need to remind the construction staff is the location of the joints can not choose on the rupture, or the quality of the seams in the quality of the time is completely unqualified.