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Weaving Geotextile Installation Construction Precautions
Sep 26, 2017

Weaving geotextile installation and construction Note:

1 geotextile can only be cut with a geotextile knife (hook knife), such as cutting in the venue, the other materials to take special protective measures to prevent the cutting of geotextile and caused unnecessary damage to it;

2 At the same time as the laying of geotextile, all necessary measures must be taken to prevent damage to the underlying material;

3 When laying geotextile, care must be taken not to let stones, large amounts of dust or moisture, etc., may damage the geotextile, possibly obstructing the drains or filters, or may cause difficulties for the subsequent connections to enter the geotextile Under the geotextile;

4 After the installation, the surface of all geotextile is visually inspected to determine all damaged landowners, marked and repaired, to determine the laying of the surface can not cause damage to foreign substances, such as broken needle and other foreign matter;

5 The connection of the geotextile must comply with the following: Under normal circumstances, the slope can not have a horizontal connection (the connection must be along the slope of the contour does not intersect), in addition to repair outside the place.

6 If suturing is used, the suture shall be made of the same material as or more than the geotextile material, and the suture shall be of a chemical resistant to ultraviolet light. Suture and geotextile should have a significant color difference in order to facilitate inspection.

7 Special attention to suturing during installation to ensure that no gravel in the soil or gravel cover is in the middle of the geotextile.