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The First ASEM Geotextile Textile Material Conference Vision
Jun 04, 2018

In the field of geotextiles, during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the average annual output of geotextiles in China grew by 11.9%. In 2015, the output value reached nearly 50 billion yuan. In 2016, the total amount of geotextile textile fibers processed reached 932,300 tons, an increase of 9.2%. "Twelve Five" geotextile technology has achieved significant progress: high-strength, top-breaking, friction-resistant, acid and alkali-resistant polypropylene geotextiles are used in high-speed railway track materials; intelligent geotextiles with fiber optic sensors are used Airports, bridges and highways provide functions such as soil reinforcement, structural safety monitoring and early warning; high-strength and environment-resistant polyester filament spunlaid clay cloths are used in landfill projects; polyester filament spunbonded nonwovens waterproof tires Base, compared with the original short fiber products performance significantly improved; flame retardant, salt and alkali resistant, ultra-low temperature elastic waterproof membrane has a good functional applicability, and so on. 


What the vision of Asia-Europe Conspiracy Geotextile Material?  

Geotextiles are an important category of industrial textiles and an indispensable important material in the construction of high-quality engineering. Pierre Wierte said in his speech that with the implementation of the China Belt and Road Initiative, infrastructure construction will pull geosynthetics, especially the demand for geotextiles. Europe has extensive experience in geotextile technology, while China has advantages in production and market scale. This conference has created new opportunities and new ideas for Asia-Europe cooperation in the field of geotextile materials. In the face of new opportunities for development, he proposed to optimize the industrial development environment, increase support for fiscal and taxation financial policies, attach importance to the training of professionals in the industry, and strengthen the construction of four industries including innovation, promotion and application. He hopes to send positive signals to the industry through this meeting. , throw out the "Olive branch" of "integration", "coordination" and "shared" development in the China-European geotechnical industry.

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