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Stress - Strain Behavior Of Viscoelastic Failure Of Geotextile Membrane
Oct 12, 2017

Stress - strain behavior and microcosmic interpretation of viscoelastic failure of Geotextile Membrane

The viscoelastic failure is the study of the stress of the object to produce the deformation of the polymer chain until the micro-concept of the whole process of damage, Geotextile Membrane its purpose, first, to obtain an objective description of Geotextile Membrane mechanical behavior data,

The second is from the molecular structure to explore the mechanical behavior of Geotextile Membrane. The mechanical properties of the Geotextile Membrane are generally expressed or described as stress-strain curves. A typical stress-strain curve

The lines reflect the mechanical forces in the process of failure, such as elastic strength limits, elastic elongation limits, breaking strength, elongation at break and fracture energy, which represent the mechanical properties of the material. Can be used as the mechanical basis of evaluation materials.

Judgment of the soft and hard, weak, tough and tough method of the polymer material is: by the modulus to determine the soft and hard; from the tensile strength to determine the weak strong; by the fracture to determine the brittle toughness (ie, pre-fracture stress-strain curve Contains the area, large area

It is found that the Geotextile Membrane used in this paper belongs to the soft and tough type, the breaking strength is not big, the elongation at break is about 751%, and the destruction occurs near the yield point. Geotextile Membrane Tensile Laboratory

The measured stress-strain curve as shown in the figure shows that the mechanical properties actually reflect the movement of the polymer chain.