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River Engineering-filament Geotextile
Dec 12, 2016

Filament geotextile application a lot, can also be seen in the River long silk geotextile figure. This process can be divided into two categories: soils play a direct role in weakening its strength and role of surface in loose soil grains of the consumer bank. When soil moisture is large, the pore water pressure can be simply low soil strength. Rainfall, snow melt or high water level of the River, may be resulting in increased soil water content. Soil kept dry and wet climatic changes, will cause it to repeated contraction and expansion, causing cracks to form lumps, which vary in size. In some rivers, size 0.5 per cent level: when the Bank collapse, blocks of soil collapse. Freeze in parts of rivers, ice expansion can make links between soil particles become weak and cohesion reduced, rivers of ice pressure or ice impact River also caused banks to collapse or loose soil. Water movement in the soil can lead to leaching and leaching of soft, the former for the loess has had a big impact, because when one teach Tin particles were taken away, will make the strength of loess lost; the latter greater impact on hard, cracked and weak soil. Strong filament geotextile makes it greatly reduce bank collapse after making the coastline into four, protruding from the rest its downstream shoreline, to flow out of slip, may occur in the projections point to Cyclone, causing Bank collapse. Sometimes through a chain effect, makes the river shoreline serrated cross, which can be found in the lower Jingjiang River and South to the Canal. On the Sandy River, do not rely on flight to shore immediately visit to sediment, unlikely Vortex, shore line stopped collapsing due to get new protection!

Non-woven geotextile of different colors will vary in the degree of cooling, we choose to look like yellow shading effect is not black well, and yellow than blue. Select different colors for the cultivation of plants with different characteristics of geotextiles, for instance some plants like the Sun, but some plants like cool. Should for agricultural of no spinning geo cloth required after anti-aging processing, anti-aging degree and its using of time and thickness related, no spinning cloth more thick on description it of strong loss rate more low, thickness what is how many only good does, according to different situation thickness also will different, like each square meters 150 grams specifications of no spinning cloth using life can up to 3 years of long.