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Geotextiles-laying And Points For Attention
Dec 12, 2016


1, covered with artificial roll; oil on canvas flat have deformation and appropriate allowances.

2, installation of Geotextile for filament or staple usually overlap, sewing and welding methods. Generally 0.1M over the width of sewing and welding, lap width is generally 0.2M. Possible long-term exposure of geotextiles, shall be welded or stitched.

3, geotextile fabric stitch

All stitches must be continuous (such as sewing is not allowed). Before the overlap, geotextile must overlap at least 150mm. Minimum stitch distance Selvage (material exposed edge) is at least 25mm. Sewed the geotextile joints include the line 1 and line locking chain stitch method. Used to suture line should be minimum tension than 60N resin material and geotextile or extra resistance to chemical corrosion and UV resistance. On any sewn geotextiles "leaky needle" must be in the affected areas and sew. Appropriate measures must be taken to avoid after installation, soils, particulate matter or foreign substances enter the geotextile layer. Lapped according to topography and functions can be divided into natural overlap, sew or weld ...