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Geotextile Use Time
May 25, 2017

How long can geotextile work? Believe that this problem has been troubled by each of our engineering people.

The following geotextile can be used to give you a little detailed explanation: After years of construction practice proved that the durability of geotextile fiber by the impact of the largest metal ions, followed by the impact of water by the impact of acid and alkali Small; in the case of pressure, geotextile durable period will be reduced.

The durability of geotextile includes a number of aspects, mainly anti-ultraviolet radiation, temperature changes, chemical and biological erosion, hydrolysis, freezing and thawing changes, mechanical wear and creep properties. Direct exposure to ultraviolet light is the most important factor in the aging of polymers, and water, temperature and UV combination will further promote aging. Polyester geotextile anti-aging performance is better than polypropylene fabric, but when the combination of ultraviolet and water, polyester fabric aging rate will be accelerated, polypropylene fabric such as the use of anti-aging agent and add carbon black, can delay aging. Therefore, the geotextile as long as the direct exposure to ultraviolet light, buried in the soil or water, the aging rate can become very small. Geotextile are highly tensile strength materials, while soils are low tensile strength materials. Soil and geosynthetics can improve the ability to withstand loads. The extent to which the strength is increased depends both on the strength of the laying of the geosynthetics and on the size of the friction between the geosynthetics and the soil. The reasonable addition of tensile material (geotextile) in the soil can change the stress distribution in the soil and restrain the lateral deformation of the soil, thus improving the stability of the structure. Different specifications of the geotextile, after the completion of the laying can not be covered if exposed, exposed to the atmosphere, the absorption of ultraviolet radiation 30-180 days to reach the aging can not be used.

On the use of geotextile calculation: for the need to lay the geotextile of the ground length and width of the area of the measurement, coupled with the amount of geotextile lap pre-stock about 5%.