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Core Steps of Using Dewatering Bag
Sep 07, 2018

Core Steps of Using Dewatering Bag 

1. Mixing the sediment/sludge/wast water with chemicals (coagulant and /or a flocculant) .

2. Pumping the mixture into geotextile bag for dewatering.



1. To maximize dewatering and volume reduction, sludge should be chemically condition with a coagulant and /or a flocculant. Consult your local supplier for type and dosage.


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2. The sludge should be sampled to insure that the chemicals are functioning properly. If an adequate flocculant has not formed, the chemical dosage may have to be adjusted to achieve the desired results.

Dewatering bags are designed to filter sediment, silt and sludge on site and broadly in field operation. By pumping water into the bag, silt, dirt, sand and other pollutants are trapped and filtered so only water escapes to the ground below.

The dewatering bags provide a simple yet effective method of removing heavy particles (>90 microns) from excavation water. 

Dewatering Performance

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