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Geotextile Membrane Is A Common Kind Of Building Materials
May 25, 2017

Geotextile Membrane is a common building material in our daily life, it is mainly used for our building waterproof. Now we use the Geotextile Membrane is a high-tech special materials, because it has a very light weight, but also have a very good extension, in our building waterproof often used.

Now we are in use are using its high water resistance, to achieve its use of performance. Now the daily life of our earth dams are serious when the use of Geotextile Membrane to achieve so that our water can not pass through the earth dam, so that our earth dam leakage problem is resolved. Many of our materials have a very high tensile strength and the ability to withstand water pressure, so that when we are deformed in the dam we can also prevent our water from passing through it, that is, it is in use In the maximum characteristics.

In reality, our film is mainly used as a plastic film as an anti-infiltration of the base material at the same time with the non-woven fabric used to make the soil waterproof material, but the main performance of the Geotextile Membrane is determined by our plastic film impermeability performance. At the same time one of our base material non-woven fabric is also made of a polymer short fiber material, it also has a very high tensile strength and extensibility, combined with these two materials to make our Geotextile Membrane.

Geotextile Membrane adaptability ratio selection

The proportion of fitness is chosen as the most basic selection method, in which the proportion of each individual's chosen number is proportional to its fitness value and the population average fitness value, usually using roulette (tdewheel)

Now. In this way, the fitness value of each individual is calculated first, and the Geotextile Membrane then calculates the proportion of the fitness value in the sum of the population fitness values. It shows that the probability selection process selected by the individual in the selection process reflects the biological evolution process In the "survival of the fittest, survival of the fittest" ideas, and to ensure that good genes inherited to the next generation of individuals.

In the case of the proportional selection model, a small number of individuals with high fitness values and their descendants will soon dominate the group, which prevents the genetic algorithm from further searching, resulting in premature convergence. In other words, the proportion of the selection to sacrifice the search for other space at the expense of too much emphasis on search for high value of individuals. When the individuals in the group are very similar, they can not choose to find a better individual, the evolutionary process is stagnant. So the rate of evolution depends on the difference between the values of the population. However, when the difference in individual fitness values in the population is very large, the ratio of the best individual to the probability of the worst individual being selected (the choice of pressure) will also increase exponentially. The best individual survival opportunities in the next generation will increase significantly, while the worst individual survival opportunities will be deprived. The best individual in the current population of Geotextile Membrane will quickly fill the entire population, leading to a rapid decline in the diversity of the population, which will prematurely lose its ability to evolve.