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Geotextile Application In A Wide Range Of Areas
Dec 12, 2016

Geotextile has good mechanical properties, such as water and transport projects have very broad application prospects. Its main areas of application are as follows:

Polypropylene geotextiles can be used in water, electricity, roads, railways, ports, airports, stadiums and tunnels, coastal beaches, reclamation, environmental protection and other fields, and play a role in isolation.

High levels of almost all use of geotextile in highway construction, China has also applied. Application of geotextile in highway projects can effectively reduce rutting deformation, preventing, inhibiting reflection cracking, delay fatigue failure of the road. In highway construction, geotextiles can reduce the thickness of the gravel and the steepening of the slope of the road, reduce the amount of Earth, less occupied land. China's railway sector started in 1981 application of geotextile Frost damaged polypropylene geotextile used for water conservancy engineering construction

In Netherlands coastal defence works of the famous because of the construction of a huge dam using geotextile, adjustable moisture makes world's biggest dam safe use in 200 years. United States of Earth-rock dam upstream of a lot of geotextiles used for slope protection filter. According to the National Bureau of statistics, China's annual economic losses caused by the floods at 400 billion yuan. If used in dam construction geotextile and geogrid, you can build strong dikes to prevent economic losses caused by the flooding. Polypropylene geotextile berm project to other materials is difficult to achieve good results.