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Geotextile Acceptance And Storage
Jun 20, 2017

Geotechnical and related products of the sampling, sample preparation and the primary physical, mechanical, hydraulic function test steps should be consistent with "water transport engineering geotextile combined with the application of technical examples" (JTJ / T239-2005) delimitation.

After the entry of cloth and related products, in addition to inspection packaging, but also check the product title, material, batch number, grade, specifications, production date, factory certificate, etc .; geotextile admission, should be stored in the ventilation shading Stack, is strictly prohibited to reveal the sun.

Geotextile construction laying before the implementation of the next layer of dredging, leveling, verbal no sharp angle. Geotextile and the length of the length of the sewing machine should be taken sewing machine, the strength of the nylon line is not less than 150N, the sewing step to take "package seam" or "seam".

Adjacent two geotextile lap length, underwater construction is not less than 1000mm, dry construction is not less than 1000mm. Slanting geotextiles should be stretched out of the protection surface of not less than 2000 mm, the top of the geotextile should be stretched out Other than not less than 1000 mm.

Geotextile after laying, should be real-time enveloped the protection layer or the implementation of the upper construction. 4.5, quality inspection and acceptance of geotextile admission, should be approved by batch factory certification or practice to verify the presentation, the primary physical and technical functions should be carried out sampling check, the number of samples per batch sampling many times.