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Geosynthetics In China Opportunities A Wide
Dec 12, 2016

Production and application of geo-synthetic material mainly concentrated in the South-eastern coastal areas, especially in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, and whether production or application in Western China, were relatively less. At present, the Central Government launched the Western development strategy, set of geotechnical composite material in flood control, water-saving irrigation, environment protection and other aspects to show more excellent features.

To solve water and buildings. Example: to solve the water problems in the construction, it is necessary to prevent water loss, it must solve the seepage problem using impervious Geomembrane is the most cost effective method. There is the Yangtze River, the Yellow River Management and flood control works are inseparable from the GEO-synthetic materials, repairing the levees of the Yangtze River is geo-synthetic materials.

Sand-fixing afforestation. Increasingly serious desertification in Northwest China, use of geosynthetic materials for sand and desert landscaping is a great measure of governance sandstorm in China.

Therefore, the manufacturer should seize the current favorable opportunity to seek business opportunities:

1, the State leaders and leaders of relevant departments attach great importance to geo-synthetic materials, a new materials, new processes and new technologies used in development and increase the promotion of new technologies, using new materials. At present, the relevant departments are actively engaged in scientific organization of production of geo-synthetic material.

2, increased investment in national construction, expanding the application of geosynthetic materials market.

3, China has initially set norms and standards. Testing techniques, theoretical research are development, testing organization is established, standardization of production and application of geo-synthetic material.