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Georgia Significant Change Of Stress Field In Soft Soil Foundation
Dec 12, 2016

By series geo grid gate manufacturers research found: geo grid gate has overall structure uniform, node tensile strength high, and drawing die for the volume high, and anti-twisted sex good, and strain low, and anti-creep variable performance good, features, widely of application in industrial, and agricultural, and metallurgical, and building, and water, and port, and municipal, and railway, and highway, and airport, and coal mine, field in the of block wall, and slope, and embankment of added reinforced protection and soft soil Foundation processing.

Geogrid lower coordination between two layers of warp-knitted geogrid upper and lower the tensile strength of different levels of play, or that the deformation is inconsistent. In General, the upper and lower tensile strength geogrid play is not all at the same time as the construction of embankment height of differential settlement and embankment cross section increases. In short, there is a relationship between the two.

On the same layer of geogrid, different parts of the level to Georgia to work with different filling height is significantly different, in General, warp-knitted geogrid larger force on both sides of the embankment, which stress distribution within the embankment under different filling heights change. Georgia significantly alters stress field in soft soil Foundation, through its unique net effect of Foundation stress evenly, so as to improve the ground deformation and stress characteristics