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Filament Geotextile Main Application In Which Aspects
Jun 08, 2017

Application of filament geotextile: Water conservancy project: seawall, embankment, lake embankment project; reservoir reinforcement project; reclamation project; flood control and rescue. Highway and railway engineering: soft foundation reinforcement treatment; slope protection; road anti-reflective crack structure layer; drainage system; green isolation zone. Electrical engineering: nuclear power plant basic engineering; thermal ash dam project; hydropower project. The important role of filament geotextile in foundation engineering is to ensure good drainage performance and durability, and therefore need good granular soil. When many reinforced earth retaining wall systems rely mainly on the friction between reinforcement and filling , Require the use of strong friction characteristics of the material, usually should avoid the use of high viscosity soil as a backfill material.

1, filament geotextile isolation

The use of geotextile with different physical properties of the building materials isolation, so that two or more materials are not lost, not mixed, to maintain the overall structure and function of the material to enhance the load capacity of the building.

2, filter

When the water from the fine soil into the coarse soil layer, the use of acupuncture geotextile good permeability and water permeability, so that water through. And effectively cut off the soil particles, sand, small stone, etc., in order to maintain the stability of soil and water engineering.

3, drainage

Geotextile is a good water guide material, it can form a drainage channel in the soil structure, the soil structure of the excess liquid and gas excluded.

4, reinforced

Filament geotextile use geotextile to enhance the soil tensile strength and resistance to deformation, enhance the stability of the building structure to improve soil quality.

5, protection

Effectively spread the concentration of stress, transmission or decomposition, to prevent the soil by external forces and damage.

6, closed

Geotextile and other materials with the formation of impermeable in the soil layer.