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Filament Geotextile Is Environmentally Friendly Material
Dec 12, 2016

Protecting the environment is everyone's responsibility! Now everything in the pursuit of environmental protection and the environmental performance of products, filament geotextile is an environmentally friendly material. Environmental issues have become a consensus of all mankind, many areas are trying to focus on environmental protection efforts. Whether environmental enthusiasts, is environmental protection volunteers are also working hard to promote environmental knowledge, but also to join in the cause of environmental protection. In order to satisfy all the pursuit of environmental protection to ensure a sustainable development of the environment, filament geotextile is in the architecture field kicked in.

Filament geotextile used does not contain any chemical additives production methods, mainly for polyester filament nonwoven geotextiles with acupuncture, but also without heat treatment, is one of the typical and qualified green building materials.

Meanwhile filament geotextile is against the pace of the times, has a certain amount of progress in environmental protection and development. A greater role is served by the greatest pursuit of environmental protection and the benefit of future generations some of the potential benefits of policy. Also make a huge contribution to sustainable development.