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Fiber Geogrid Market Analysis
Dec 12, 2016

Fiberglass geogrid is glass fiber material, using certain knitting technology of network structure made of materials, to protect the glass fiber, increasing the overall performance, through a special coating process of geotechnical composite materials. Glass fiber main ingredients are: silicon dioxide, inorganic material, its physical and chemical properties of highly stable and has high strength, high modulus, high abrasion resistance and excellent cold resistance, creep-free thermal stability; network structure limits the aggregate locking and increase the load-bearing capacity of asphalt mixture. For surfaces coated with a special layer of composite modified asphalt with a double performance, greatly improve the abrasion resistance of glass fiber geogrid and cutting capacity.

Sometimes combined with self adhesive pressure sensitive adhesives and surface asphalt impregnated fiberglass geogrid combined with asphalt pavement into one. Because of the soil and rocks in glass fiber geogrid interlock increases within the grid, the coefficient of friction between them increases (up to 08~10), fiberglass geo-grid pullout resistance of buried, because fiberglass geogrid friction between soil and strong bite force and significant increases, so it is a good reinforcement materials. While fiberglass geogrid is a lightweight, plastic NET material with a certain flexibility, easy to cut and connect can also overlap lap, construction is simple, does not require special construction machinery-and professional and technical personnel.