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Depth Analysis Of Geotextile Filter Performance
Jul 21, 2017

In the water conservancy project, earth and stone and other materials to build the dam or pervious foundation often need to set the filter layer. The purpose of setting the filter layer is to allow the permeate to flow out of the dam body or soil in the foundation, thus preventing the occurrence of piping and soil. In addition, the traffic engineering in the retaining wall behind the need to set the filter layer.

1, the traditional program

Filter layer is composed of 2-4 layers of different sizes of sand, gravel or pebbles and other materials, along the direction of the flow of particles gradually increased, any layer of particles are not allowed to pass through the thicker one Layer of porosity. The same layer of particles can not produce relative movement.

1 - drainage body; 2 - geotextile; 3 - "natural" filter layer;

At present, its application has a relatively mature experience, the program is characterized by adjacent two layers of a layer of particles should not pass through a larger layer of pore size, making each layer of soil particle size requirements, Must be artificial screening, filter effect is good but the construction of complex, relatively large cost.

2 non-woven geotextile program

Geotextile as a new type of anti-filter material in recent years has been widely used in water conservancy projects, maturing, compared with the traditional sand and gravel filter program, geotextile non-woven program to save more than half of the cost of materials, and can greatly shorten the duration, with A certain competitive advantage.

3 principle of action

The use of geotextile nonwovens instead of the traditional gradation pellets as the filter layer, their working principle is consistent, that must meet the filter criteria, that is, geotextile nonwovens must have soil conservation, water permeability and anti-blocking.

Soil retention means that the soil particles to be protected can not be lost from the pores of the nonwoven fabric.

Water permeability should be greater than the water permeability of the protected soil material to ensure that the infiltration of water flow.

The non-woven fabric is not prevented from being clogged by fine soil.

4 geotextile filter performance

The main performance parameters related to the non-woven geotextile filter performance are equivalent pore size and permeability coefficient. Shandong Hao Yang New Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. geotextile production technology advanced, stable performance, equivalent pore size of up to 0.05 ~ 0.2mm, the permeability coefficient of up to 1.0 ~ 9.9 × (10-1 ~ 10-3) cm / s , And according to the engineering design needs to develop specific parameters of the product specifications.

In addition to the above parameters strict requirements, the geotextile unit mass, thickness, tensile strength, tear strength, porosity and other physical indicators of the success or failure of the project also has a direct impact.