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Damage To The Geotextile Membrane In Construction Will Affect The Environment
Jul 01, 2017

Geotextile Membrane in the use of the process, the need to ensure product integrity, because these products and geotextile is a certain difference in the transport or handling process, should ensure that the quality of the product will not be damaged. Geotextile Membrane construction process Is the need for special attention, because these products are generally used in the production of some of the larger projects above, for these large projects, the number of such products may be used more, and therefore need to advance large-scale Of the purchase, and in the storage should also ensure that the storage method is correct, so as to avoid improper storage, the use of the product in the process of the impact.

Geotextile Membrane construction in strict accordance with the construction requirements to protect the construction quality, Geotextile Membrane in the transport and construction will be destroyed in the situation, the destruction of the central must affect the quality of the project, if it is tailings, high hydroxide material through the destruction of the central, Leak into the public, perhaps leaking into the drinking water, the formation of significant results.

Damage to the Geotextile Membrane in construction will affect the environment

So for the Geotextile Membrane selection, construction methods have severe quality norms. Destroy the Geotextile Membrane below the shrouded layer, this approach can not detect the destruction of the practice. This time with electrical leakage detection method, can be a good deal.

Various types of site examples of various types of landform characteristics to our construction to bring a lot of temper, the Swiss environmental technology engineering company's construction staff are in strict accordance with the construction rules to achieve obligations.

If the Geotextile Membrane is below the mud, the first to protect the construction staff of peace, and then the mud on the mud barrels or sponge laying the construction of the channel, the construction staff who must use a safe rope to lay a good channel,