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Composite Geotextile Membrane Description And Technical Indicators
Jul 11, 2017

   On the composite Geotextile Membrane related knowledge before we said a lot, and today Xiaobian with you to understand its related knowledge. Composite Geotextile Membrane is made of geotextile (or fiberglass), polymer materials (such as PE film, EVA And so on.) It is a geotextile for the aquifer, the polymer material for the impermeable layer, by rolling, hot melt coating made, with a unique anti-seepage, protection And reinforcement, drainage, isolation and other functions, its high degree of toughness and excellent resistance to chemical erosion, anti-aging performance beyond the simple application of cloth or film use indicators, easy construction, no adhesive, the application of a wider range of applications, Use more convenient.

Composite Geotextile Membrane description and technical indicators

    Product Categories:

    Composite Geotextile Membrane product structure for a cloth a film, two cloth a film, two film a cloth and so on

    Base fabric types: acupuncture staple fiber geotextile, woven geotextile, non-woven geotextile, fiberglass, etc.

    (HDPE), low pressure polyethylene (LDPE), chlorinated polyethylene (CPE), EVA (ethylene copolymer), PVC and so on.

    Process characteristics

    I produced the composite Geotextile Membrane is the first cast and hot composite processing from the way.


    1, width of up to six meters, compared with the narrow range of similar products, reducing the seams, reducing the project cost, shorten the duration, but also reduce the improper handling of the joints caused by hidden dangers.

    2, the use of composite Geotextile Membrane with the traditional cloth, membrane separation compared to improve the use of results, more savings in engineering time, reducing the cost of the project, the comprehensive benefits significantly.

    3, anti-aging performance. If the use of buried laying, longer life.

    4, water pressure, corrosion resistance, high strength, wear resistance, low temperature, non-toxic, flat drainage function, good anti-seepage effect.

    5, has a unique insulation, moisturizing, anti-frost, antifreeze effect.

    Uses: geotechnical dam, rockfill dam, masonry dam and pressure concrete dam; dike, dam front level impermeable bedding, vertical foundation impervious layer; tailings dam, sewage dam dam and reservoir area; construction cofferdam; Roadbed and other areas of salt control; expansive soil and collapsible loess waterproofing; roadbed and other areas of salt control; Layer; roof leakproof