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Characteristic Analysis Of High-strength Plastic Geogrid
Dec 12, 2016

High strength plastic geogrid is a new type of geotextile material, it has high strength, dimensional stability, resistance to corrosion, temperature range and excellent aging properties and so on. 

1. high strength plastic geo grid gate has continuous processing forming of diamond, and six angle shaped, and square, variety network hole shape, its tensile strength can up 250N above, so its has anti-pulled strength high, and resistance impact sex, and size stability good of features; 2. high strength plastic geo grid gate has acid alkali, and salt, of corrosion capacity, while on atmosphere, and soil microbial is inert, can resistance all fungus of erosion, does not by mouse, of against, so its can adapted any soil; 3. New plastic geogrid in the State can maintain its normal temperature stable even under high temperature dimensional change rate is very small. So it can adapt to any area of subgrade construction 4. new plastic geogrid in the process of adding materials such as antioxidants, which in the case of exposure to sunlight is very strong, their nature is not affected, cases can be used in the open air for more than 15 years, the underground life of more than 25 years. 5. in addition, this type of Georgia also has a light weight, easy to carry, easy to install and so on.