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Bi-directional Geotechnical Grille Detail Construction Should Pay Attention To?
Dec 12, 2016

Biaxial geogrid in roadbed can play in its effects, paying special attention to details in its construction.

First familiarize yourself with the laying of road length and width size, vertical and horizontal direction, type of land, construction of weather around the interaction between road traffic conditions. In placing before the programme preparation.

Bi-directional geotechnical grille construction:

The first step: clean up the road surface, eliminating spike-like, smooth pavement, including collapsible stuck sump drainage holes need to be filled in a timely manner to ensure moderate road wet and dry. If the embankment slope side, need to trim road edges.

Second step: forklifts along the road direction bi-directional geotechnical grille can also be artificial, and a longer section of select batches laying. Every 10 cm u nails for fixing different grille handover lapping method, stacked at least 10 centimeters away, wiring firmly. Strict demands on workers to pay attention to Georgia laid to the entire process, and is not skewed. Trimmed every ten meters direction, tighten after flattening and then nailing staples. First floor paving stone, slow laying requires both ends toward the Middle after artificial flat soil, scrape too much sand to ensure moderate fine sand and perfect bite of biaxial geogrid, locking each other, combine to form a whole. 10 ton compactors compacting road, repeated compaction in no less than 10 times, if the laying of double, then as above, need to tighten after laying fill fine stone. Rolled compaction.