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Application Of Geogrid In The Civil Engineering
Dec 12, 2016

So-called civil engineering refers to all water, soil, cultural planning, construction and maintenance of the infrastructure concerned. General civil work projects include roads, water supplies, drainage, flood control works and transport. Once all the non-military use of civilian projects in the past, categorized into this category, but with the engineering sciences growing, many original content subject to civil engineering has a separate section. At present, from the narrow definition, civil engineering, civil engineering, building (or structure) this small range.

Geosynthetic materials contain a geotextile, geomembrane, geogrid, geotextile material, special geotechnical composite materials these types. GEO-synthetic materials with very good effect, drainage, filter, reinforced role, impervious, protective role.

Application of geogrid in the engineering areas: roads, railways, bridges, roads, docks, dams, slag and other soft ground reinforcement and crack resistance of retaining wall and road engineering and other fields.

Effect of geogrid in civil engineering:

1, the strength of geogrid, creep small, adapt to various types of soil and can meet the tall retaining wall in highway use.

2, Georgia can effectively improve the bearing capacity of reinforced block lock, occlude, greatly enhancing the Foundation bearing capacity and effective restraint soil body lateral displacement, strengthen the Foundation is sound.

3, with strength, bearing capacity is strong, corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, high friction coefficient, perforation evenly, easy construction, long service life and so on.