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What is the material and applications of non woven fabric?
Jan 13, 2018

Non-woven fabrics are porous in nature and are highly flexible, which consist of more than one fiber layer. Non-woven fabrics will be mostly, the geotextiles, for which the raw materials are, polypropylene, polyethylene or polyester. All these raw materials are geosynthetic. They can be both biodegradable and non-biodegradable, depending on their raw materials. These are also known to be more stable, when compared to other forms of fabric. Non-woven fabrics come with high tensile strength; so, tearing and ripping, even during the harshest environmental conditions, is a rare case. Here are the details of the the best non-women fabric manufacturer, landscape fabric supplier.


These non-woven fabrics are used in different industries, largely, due to their durability, and their neutrality towards the environment. Here are some of the applications of the non-woven fabric-


1). Agriculture- These non-woven fabrics are largely used to get rid of the weeds, protect the top layer of the soil during the soil erosion, and to keep your garden clean and free of dust. When there is soil erosion, the non woven geotextile, will act like a filter, which will not allow the soil to pass by, and thus prevent your garden or farm from losing its fertility layer. Geotextile fabrics also offer frost protection to the young seedlings, and to the plants that cannot survive cold conditions.


2). Industry - In many industries, non-woven geotextile is used as insulation materials, covering materials, and as filters. Due to their excellent tensile strength, they work simply great in the industries.


3). Medicine and Healthcare - In medicine and healthcare industry, non-woven geotextiles are largely used, as they can be easily sterilized. Geotextiles are 

largely used in manufacturing the disinfecting masks, wet wipes, masks, diapers, surgical gowns etc.


Since these are chemically less reactive, and less hazardous for the environment, they are opted by 'n' number of different industries.

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