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What are Geo-synthetics?
Jan 30, 2018

Geo-synthetics are human-made materials  made from various types of polymers used to enhance, augment and make possible cost effective environmental,transportation and geotechnical engineering construction

projects. They are used to provide one or more of the following functions;

separation, reinforcement, filtration,drainage or liquid barrier.

Categories of geosynthetics:

• geotextiles- flexible, textile-like fabrics of

controlled permeability used to provide filtration,

separation or reinforcement in soil, rock and waste


• geomembranes- essentially impermeable

polymeric sheets used as barriers for liquid or solid

waste containment

• geogrids- stiff or flexible polymer grid-like sheets with large apertures used primarily as reinforcement of unstable soil and waste masses

• geonets- stiff polymer net-like sheets with in-plane openings used primarily as a drainage material within landfills or in soil and rock masses

• geosynthetic clay liners- prefabricated bentonite clay layers incorporated between geotextiles and/or geomembranes and used as a barrier for liquid or solid waste containment

• geopipes- perforated or solid wall polymeric pipes used for the drainage of various liquids

• geocomposites- hybrid systems of any, or all, of the above geosynthetic types which can function as specifically designed for use in soil, rock, waste and liquid related problems.