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Warp-knitted composite geotextile
Dec 12, 2016

Warp-knitted composite geotextile is a glass fiber (or synthetic) for reinforcement, and short fiber needle-punched nonwoven fabric into new soil materials.

Weaving of warp-knitted composite geotextile is different from machine. Its most prominent feature is the intersection of the warp and weft does not bend, each in a flat state. Bundle wire securely between, more uniform full synchronization, withstand the forces, stress distribution, instantaneous and applied forces tear materials, hold yarn will rip along the early sets, increasing tensile strength.

When the warp-knitted composite, namely the use of warp-bundled line in the weft and short fiber needle-punched geotextile fabric layer over and through, the series became one of the three. Warp-knitted composite geotextile has high tensile strength and low elongation characteristics and needle punched nonwovens properties. Warp-knitted composite geotextile is a useful reinforcement enhancements, isolation protection, and has a level of overall method to three dimensional and have good water, different water effects. Because of its solid matrix and pore is the continuous phase, porous filter effects, is a multifunctional geotechnical composite material. It is the high levels of application of geotechnical composite material in the world.

Effect of warp-knitted composite geotextile: has the function of reinforcement, isolation and protection