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use geotextile in road
Dec 19, 2017

It is very common to use a subgrade separation geotextile. There are many situations where the subgrade soils are not ideal. They may be soft with clays, for example, or they may be porous with rock cap for example. The subgrade separation geotextile is a solution to this problem.

When the native material is soft, the base material is not confined. The base layer material will get transported into the subgrade material. At the roadway surface, you will have a pothole or roadway failure.

When you have wet soils, the water needs somewhere to go. It may pump upwards into the base material. With the geotextile, the water will go up and move laterally in the free draining material. Whatever fines are in the base material are more confined because the base material is confined. With a well compacted base material, the geotextile supports the base material and confines it.

With the base material confined, the traffic loading can be spread down and out into the thick base, or subbase material, and subgrade material. Without it, the load more like point loading into thin base or subbase material.

When you have a subbase material, such as rock cap, which has aggregate that is larger than the base material, borrow or 3/4″ aggregate, we use the subgrade separation geotextile to confine the base material, especially the fines, from migrating down into the subgrade material.

It could also be for when the subgrade is smaller than the base material.

Geotextile is used in many other situations too. Normally, it is used when there are issues with the soil.

A geogrid or geocells may be used for similar reasons. The cells are filled up to provide a much stronger road surface which is created by its matrix structure. It is kind of like putting pavers down under your roadway.

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