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Split Film Yarn Woven Geotextile
Aug 07, 2017

                             Split Film Yarn Woven Geotextile

Split Film Yarn Woven Geotextile is a kind of cost-effective woven geotextile made from polypropylene slit film yarns. This polypropylene woven geotextileis now mainly used for reinforcement and separation application. If you are building a road, constructing a parking lot, stabilizing material staging areas or repairing/installing a gravel driveway, the polypropylene woven geotextile perform at a high level and save time and money. And in most cases, our woven geotextile offer an added advantage over any geogrid on separation function. 

Product Function:

  • Embankments reinforcement

  • Earth reinforcement

  • Soft soil stabilization

  • Slop protection

  • Road contruction

Basic Info.

Color: Black and white        

Feature: Corrosion Resistant, Oxidation Resistance, Wear-resistant     

Usage: Stabilization, Reinforment, etc      

Material: PP      

Kind: Woven      

Gram Weight: 520GSM    

Tensile Stength MD: 140kn/M     

Tensile Strength CD: 100kn/M       

Elongation MD: 25% Max       

Elongation CD: 25% Max       

Water Flow: 160      

UV Resistance (After 500 Hours): 70% Strength Retained    

Permitivity: 0.05 seconds

Apparent Opening Size: 0.41mm      

OEM: Available

Transport Package: Customized

Specification: width 5.85m

Origin: Jiangsu

Package and Storage:

  • Split film woven geotextiles are supplied on 4' cardboard cores and wrapped in black polyethylene sheeting.

  • Geotextile can be folded to a suitable width if it's needed .

  • All materials are stored indoors to protect them from exposure to UV.

Installation Instruction: 

STEP 1: PREPARE THE SUB-GRADE- Level and smooth out sub-grade. Clear site of sharp objects and large rocks that could puncture fabric during installation.

STEP 2: PLACE FABRIC - Place fabric on area smoothly and pull taut. Overlap 1.5 - 3 feet, depending on sub-grade strength. Anchor with anchor staples staples.

STEP 1: PREPARE THE SUB-GRADE - Back dump base material onto fabric. If fabric is damaged during installation, patch with an overlap of 3-4 feet.

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More information on Split Film Yarn Woven Geotextile, please find at http://www.geotrstgroup.com/geotextile/woven-geotextile/polypropylene-woven-geotextile.html