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Singed geotextile
Dec 12, 2016

Singed geotextile, it includes non-woven Geotextile for grass-roots, non-woven geotextile base is provided with a layer of sinter layer, this product can achieve the goal of non-woven Geotextile for surface and keep the original performance of non-woven geotextile. Is based on current technical specifications of the La JI landfill CJJ17-2004 standard, designed for the slope slip of sanitary landfill design developed by underlay protective geotextile. Can effectively prevent UV damage to the fiber, enhance the aging resistance of geotextiles and geotextile single (double) surface roughness, and HDPE membrane surface roughness in engineering combined with each other, increasing the friction between the cloth membrane, to good effect

It has the following characteristics

(1) are widely used in asphalt pavement, strengthening of cement concrete pavement and roadbed. Both rigid and flexible pavement surface can be applied than with traditional pavement can reduce the cost, extended service life and prevent road reflective cracking.

(2) suitable thickness, combined with asphalt pavement, isolated from the viscosity of oil combined to form layers with waterproof and thermal insulation.

(3) light weight and high strength. Tensile strength ≥ 8 KN/m and elongation of 40 ~ 60%, fully meet the JTJ/T019-98 of the technical code for geosynthetics of Highway stress of geotextiles in the technical requirements.