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Select geotextile bout points to note
Jan 13, 2018

Geosynthetics geotextile is in a divided into woven and nonwoven geotextile geotextile . Geotextile with excellent filtration , drainage, separation, reinforcement , impervious , protective effect, with a light weight , high tensile strength , good permeability , high temperature, anti- freeze , anti-aging , corrosion-resistant . Non-woven geotextile ( polyester geotextile, nonwoven geotextile ) , also known as geotextile fabric , which is made of synthetic fibers woven by needle or permeable geosynthetics. Is a filament or staple through the various equipment and process layout into a network , through acupuncture and other processes in different fibers intertwined , entangled fixing the fabric normalized , so that the fabric is soft, plump , thick, stiffness to achieve different thickness to meet the requirements . Warp is a glass fiber composite geotextile ( or synthetic ) as reinforcing material , with the staple acupuncture non-woven geotextile material made of new composite materials . Impermeable geotextile impermeable plastic film as a substrate , and non-woven geotextile made of impermeable material, its performance depends on impermeable impermeable plastic film performance . A non -woven and industrial fabrics . Is the use of fiber fineness of 6-12 denier and a length of 54-64mm polyester crimped short fibers as raw material. By nonwoven production equipment opening, carding , messy ( short fibers intertwined ) , lapping ( normalized tangles fixation ) , acupuncture and other production processes made of cloth-like processes . As long as it is used in railway embankment reinforcement , maintenance of road surface , sports hall , dams protection , hydraulic isolation building , tunnel , coastal beach, land reclamation , environmental protection and other projects. Woven geotextile is polypropylene, propylene as raw material Polyethylene flat yarn woven geosynthetic material, widely used in water conservancy, electricity , harbors , roads, railways and construction of geotechnical engineering. It includes singeing geotextile non-woven geotextile grass with a layer of sintered non-woven geotextile layer on the grassroots level, the product not only achieve the purpose of non-woven geotextile surface knot group , while maintaining the original non-woven geotextile performance . Polyester filament geotextile is made of polyester way to directly by spinning acupuncture consolidation , product specifications, two arbitrarily chosen from 80-800g / m, it is the geotechnical and civil engineering applications, a geosynthetic , polyester filaments are made by consolidation of a network and method which are arranged in a three-dimensional fiber structure . In addition to having good mechanical properties, but also has a good Most all of the hottest and most professional document class resource library clean sweep

The vertical and horizontal drainage performance and a good stretch properties and high resistance to biological , acid , anti-aging chemical stability . Meanwhile it also has a wide range of pore sizes , tortuous pore distribution , excellent permeability and filtration performance.


GEOTRST main products include various size and colors of PP/PET woven and non-woven fabrics, such as geotextilesgeotextile containers (geotextile bags, tubes and shipping containers), silt fence, geogird, geosynthetics and so on.

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