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Learn more about the Silt & Sediment Fence
Oct 16, 2017

Learn more about the Silt & Sediment Fence

The silt barrier fence is typically manufactured from a woven geotextile filter fabric that is then attached to wooden stakes. These stakes should be placed at regular intervals along the site perimeter for the most effective use. When installed correctly and inspected frequently, these fences can be an economical and effective barrier that prevents sediment from leaving a site.

Silt Fencing Design Considerations:

Silt control fencing is offered in several different styles to accommodate different site requirements. Options will include economy fencing, contractor grade fencing, and DOT grade fabrics that can be sold with or without the stakes pre-installed.

Fence fabric003_副本.jpg

Fabrics: Geotextile filter fabric used for the fencing is both high in strength and equipped for filtration. This strength keeps sediment effectively contained, while still allowing water and other liquids to pass through the fencing.

  • Economy   Grade Fabric: 90 gram

  • Contractor Grade Fabric: 100 gram

  • DOT      Grade Fabric: 150 gram

GEOTRST main products include various size and colors of PP/PET woven and non-woven fabrics, such as geotextilesgeotextile containers (geotextile bagstubes and shipping containers), silt fence, geogird, geosynthetics and so on.

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More information on silt fence, please visit http://www.geotrstgroup.com/geotextile/woven-geotextile/polypropylene-woven-geotextile-for-silt-fence.html