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Geotrst Geotextile tubes for Coastal Protection
Mar 28, 2018

Geotrst Geotextile tubes for Coastal Protection


Geotrst Geotextile Tubes is prefabricated in cylindrical container form and made of high strength woven geotextile. Typically installed with a scour apron, it is an effective system for dredging application, dewatering and Coastal Protection application. The flexible fabric structure provides ready adaptation to various landforms and field conditions

Geotrst Geotextile Tubes can be applied to civil engineering, environmental and hydraulic industries, including Coastal Protection, Beach Nourishment and restoration (coastline that washed by wave action) breakwaters and groins; ground reinforcement of civil engineering structures such as reclaimed land & artificial islands, formation of temporary roads & cofferdams, and dewatering of dredged materials & sludge.


· Optimized physical & hydraulic properties of the fabrics developed for the geotextile tube application

· Remarkable flexibility of the fabric structure providing ready adaptation to various landforms and field cobditions

· Special fabrics with higher permeability under the same AOS compared to other tubes

· Bi-axial strengthened fabrics available up to 200kN/m x 200kN/m

· High durability and seam strength allowing the stable formation of structures



GEOTRST Co.,Ltd  is one of the leading manufacturers and trading company of geosythetic in China. We have 15 years in geosynthetic production and distribution. Our headquarter is located in Shanghai, China. 

Our factory is located in Changzhou, China, which takes up more than 25,000 square meter with well-equipped testing equipment and strong technical force.


Our main products include various size and colors of PP/PET woven and non-woven fabrics (of 91cm-620cm width), such as geotextiles, geotextile containers (geotextile bags, tubes and shipping containers), silt fence, geogird, geosynthetics and so on.


More information for geotube coastal protection, please check the link: http://www.geotrstgroup.com/geotextile-container/geotextile-tube.html


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