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Classification of woven geotextile
Dec 12, 2016

Adapt to a variety of geotechnical engineering properties, formed at the request of a geotextile material industrial series. Widely used in rivers, coasts, harbors, roads, railways, ports, tunnels, bridges, geotechnical engineering. To meet a variety of different purposes.

2. the filament woven geotextile used synthetic fiber industrial and low cost advantages high strength, low stretch, durable, corrosion-resistant characteristics of woven fabric characteristics of stable structure, high engineering parameters of compliance, meet a variety of different purposes of geotechnical engineering filters, isolation, reinforced, protective purpose. Geotechnical Engineering is a high value product.

It has the following characteristics

1. high strength: uses high-strength polypropylene, polyester, nylon and other synthetic fibers for industrial use as raw materials, with high original strength. After it has been woven into law interwoven structure, overall carrying capacity further.

2. durability: characteristics of synthetic fiber is difficult to degeneration, decomposition, weathering. Can long maintain its original characteristics.

3. corrosion resistance: synthetic fiber with acid and alkali-resistant, resistant to insects, mold.

4. Water permeability: woven fabrics can be effective in controlling its structure, in order to achieve a certain degree of permeability.

5. convenient storage: due to light weight, according to certain requirements packaging, transportation, storage, operation is very convenient.