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Detectable Underground warning tape

  • Turf Reinforcement Mat

    Contact NowTurf Reinforcement MatTRST TRM-Series Woven PP/PET Geotextiles for Turf Reinforcement are 3D matrix of polypropylene (PP) or polyester (PET) yarns to provide immediate erosion protection during vegetation. The 3D woven PP/PET geotextile for turf reinforcement is ten times stronger than traditional TRMs. It features...Chat Now

  • Underground Warning Tape

    Contact NowUnderground Warning TapeTRST underground warning tape comes in unique design with a 2-folded length, which enables it will not easily get cracked by excavator. A 100-meter warning sheet is folded and welded into 50-meter length roll. The underground warning tape provide excavators alert for buried utility lines, gas...Chat Now