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Waterproof Engineering Geotextile How To More Rational Construction?
Jul 21, 2017

Waterproof geotextile construction technology, the substrate must be strong, smooth, clean, dust-free, greasy, wax, release agent, and other debris; base surface with pores, cracks, unequal defects, must be pre-cement mortar repair Smoothing, expansion joints recommended paste the plastic strip, the node must add a layer of non-woven, nozzle filling recommended the use of Leibang Shi nozzle filling filling; Yin and Yang corner should be wiped into a circular (or V-shaped); To ensure that the base surface is fully moist, but no clear water; new pouring concrete surface (including plaster surface) before the construction should be allowed to dry completely.

Construction, the first use of smaller diameter sand or clay to find the base surface, and then laying Geotextile Membrane. Geotextile Membrane should not be stretched too tight, buried at both ends of the soil part of the corrugated, and finally in the shop on the Geotextile Membrane with a fine sand or clay layer of a layer of about 10cm excess layer. Puzzle 20-30cm stone (or concrete prefabricated block) for the anti-Chong protective layer. Construction, should try to avoid the stones directly hit the Geotextile Membrane, the best side of the film side of the protective layer of the construction. Composite Geotextile Membrane and the surrounding structure should be connected with expansion bolts and steel plate pressure bar anchorage, the connection site to brush the emulsion asphalt (2mm thick) bonding, to prevent the occurrence of leakage.

Composite Geotextile Membrane seams processing is a key process, a direct impact on seepage effect.

General seam way:

① lap: lap width should be greater than 15cm;

② heat welding: should be slightly thick Geotextile Membrane substrate, weld lap width of not less than 5CM (not recommended bonding, long water immersion easy to open plastic, anti-seepage effect is poor).

Waterproof geotextile construction:

1. Bottom impermeable Geotextile Membrane (shop size 300g / 0.5mm / ㎡ two cloth a film PE waterproof geotextile) Laying order from downstream to upstream, from one side of the foundation pit to the other side of the laying;

The Geotextile Membrane is connected with the Geotextile Membrane special welding machine welding method (welding machine welding two, the lap is not less than the ground 10cm);

3. impermeable Geotextile Membrane construction procedures: the end of the earth and slope remediation and acceptance of qualified → Geotextile Membrane laying, tailoring → alignment, Qi Qi → lap construction → inspection → repair → re-inspection → acceptance → 30mm cement mortar.