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How Does The Geotextile Membrane Reflect The Greening Environment?
Oct 12, 2017

Green ecological environment has been called by the community, Geotextile Membrane in this project has been the public attention, at the same time, the ecological slope protection engineering system is the use of soft material building flexible slope, retaining walls, and complete the reservoir, slope of the flat green , The real performance of the project to build the Southern District of the security, energy, life, will take a deep breath of ecological green projects. The project does not need high energy consumption, high pollution steel, lime, stone and other hardware materials, can also be used for vertical or near the vertical pen steep rock slope, row ditch and reservoir repair.

Geotextile Membrane applied to three-dimensional, slope and high slope on the green is through what principle?

First, the Geotextile Membrane allows moisture to flow with each other in the soil of the bag and bag.

This moisture is the moisture that the vegetation needs to lose for a long time, and it will never cause fruit or water to be lost by rain or watering.

Secondly, the Geotextile Membrane for green plants requires a realistic seeding block.

Permeable impermeable, grass can grow from the outside can also grow in the name, for the vegetation is very good, the vegetation root can grow freely between the bag and the bag, the root of each Geotextile Membrane into a solid, Geotextile Membrane building Into a solid ecological slope forever.