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Geotextile Membrane What Are The Excellent Features
Oct 12, 2017

In recent years, in the field of engineering construction, Geotextile Membrane more and more welcomed by engineers and developers. So what is the benefit of using Geotextile Membranes? Geotextile Membrane is the main role of waterproof seepage, we usually in the construction time, in order to achieve the purpose of water leakage, many places are inseparable from the application of Geotextile Membrane. Geotextile Membrane is the biggest advantage of easy construction, low cost.

Imagine if we say that we have to build a reservoir, then we must not ignore the leakage of the reservoir, if we choose a very thick concrete structure, then the project cost will be very high, not only the high cost of concrete raw materials, while We have to ask a lot of workers, manpower cost, not to mention, time-consuming and laborious. But if we choose Geotextile Membrane, a worker can work nearly a hundred square meters a day, and the Geotextile Membrane material costs are low. Since the Geotextile Membrane has so many benefits, then the Geotextile Membrane life how? According to statistics, Geotextile Membrane general life expectancy in more than 30 years, is quite long.

In the field of engineering, Geotextile Membrane this thing is estimated that many people know, but do you understand why we often use Geotextile Membrane it? What are the characteristics of Geotextile Membrane? Geotextile Membrane role is estimated that many people know that waterproof anti-penetration. So Geotextile Membrane and other waterproof and impermeable materials compared to what is it more excellent features? Here I tell you about it. Geotextile Membrane is the biggest characteristic of corrosion resistance, such as chemical corrosion, corrosion resistance of other materials can not be basically compared with the Geotextile Membrane. Geotextile Membrane at the same time there is a good elasticity, thermal expansion and contraction is the same reason in nature, a lot of material will crack after the summer, but the Geotextile Membrane will not crack, Geotextile Membrane has a good flexibility. In the cold winter, a lot of materials can not be low temperature, in the winter will become very fragile, but the Geotextile Membrane in the winter when the low temperature effect is very good. If it is exposed to the sun, the Geotextile Membrane is also very good anti-ultraviolet ability, will not be a few times after the exposure of the manager broken.