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Geotechnical Analysis Of Filament Geotextile
Sep 26, 2017

Analysis of filament geotextile screening test In the anti-seepage business, there are too many mysteries waiting for our excavation, which we hope that we continue to study and research, to create a greater use of space. Filament geotextile and its related products are widely used in a variety of wood engineering and water conservancy projects, with protection, tension, isolation, filtration, drainage of these crystal production in the use of soil and water to wear ice solution, At the same time in some of these structures also with the slow infiltration of soil in the oxygen in the slope, the presence of oxygen is likely to lead to oxidative degradation process, the degradation process and the composition of the material and the use of the environment.

Polyolefin-based materials, such as polypropylene and polyethylene, are more susceptible to oxidative degradation than cool. The purpose of this standard is to provide a method to screen out the years of use in the antioxidant filament geotextile and its related products.

This standard is applicable to the screening of filament geotextile products and can not obtain the actual service life of filament geotextile products. This standard refers to the use of international standard technical documents HD / DR 13938,1998 (filament geotextile and its related products Performance of the screening test method), which assess the durability of filament geotextile test procedures used in the HD / DR 13438 cited in the European standard Jane HD / DR 12226: 1996 (the Yan silk geotextile and its related products to assess the durability Of the universal test method).