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Composite Geotextile Membrane With Excellent Vertical Penetration Function
Jun 20, 2017

Geotechnical network to strengthen the foundation of the mechanism is, through the foundation of the composite layer of Geotextile Membrane with the necessary stiffness and tensile strength, and can adapt to the deformation of the geotextile network, and then laying the necessary thickness of the geotextile karst stone, geotextile and foundations Together with the use of its tensile function to play the role of supporting the load and dispersion, composite Geotextile Membrane to add the foundation of the shear strength, in order to prevent the weak foundation of the poor.

The composite Geotextile Membrane uses the fine vertical water permeation function of the plastic sheet to reduce the interstitial water quantity of the siltation soil, accelerate the solidification of the foundation and raise the physical and mechanical function of the soil layer. In order to prevent the tendency of the lower foundation of the embankment, The use of composite Geotextile Membrane and sand cushion is the use of horizontal drainage channel, to accelerate the solidification of the soil; in view of the plastic drainage belt still has sufficient moisture tensile strength and bending talent, The backfill causes the lateral displacement of the soil foundation, the deformation of the manipulating soil and the safety of the pile foundation of the constructed ship is quite favorable.

Composite Geotextile Membrane to be accurately used, laying on the ground, by tractor or artificial display, on the slope by the winch from the top of the slope gradually roll to the bottom of the slope, to the same.When the film to pay attention to relaxation control, Membrane and cushion surface must be consistent with the surface to prevent the behavior and the construction of the machine contusion.We will share the next for the poor Geotextile Membrane laying attention to matters:

1, as far as possible in the dry warm climate implementation.

2, laying should be sufficient to keep enough, not too tight, so that splicing and adapt to changes in temperature.

3, should be with the pressure with the sink , in order to prevent the wind blowing.

4, seams should be and the poorest force of the parallel.

5, aware of damage, should be immediately repaired.

6, laying staff should wear soft soled shoes, so as not to damage the Geotextile Membrane, and pay close attention to fire .6, laying staff should wear soft soled shoes, so as not to destroy the Geotextile Membrane, and pay close attention to fire.