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Code For Construction Of Waterproof Geotextile
Jul 11, 2017

With our country on the Yellow River investment management efforts, geotechnical composition as a new information, with its unique characteristics are widely used in the project establishment. The main raw materials that constitute the composition of geotechnical materials include polypropylene, polyethylene, polyamide, high density polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride, among them are divided into four major categories: geotextile, geomembrane, geotextile special data and geotechnical composite data , While the use of the Yellow River more geotextile, it also includes a woven geotextile, non-woven geotextile two.

Waterproof geotextile is mainly to replace the traditional pellets to build the filter layer and drainage, compared with the traditional filter layer and drainage, it has a light weight, the whole continuity is good, construction convenience; high tensile strength, anti-erosion, anti-microbial Good corrosive; soft texture, and soil materials can be a good link; underwater or soil in the durability and weather resistance is higher, the use of obvious results and so on. And waterproof geotextile also meet the general conditions of the filter has the premise of soil conservation: to avoid the maintenance of soil material flow, causing dipping deformation; Permeability: to ensure that the water immersion sweep; anti-blocking: Clogging.

Waterproof geotextile in the use of product quality and certification should be issued, need to test: First, the physical objectives: unit area quality, thickness, equivalent aperture and so on. Second, the mechanical objectives: tensile strength, tear strength, grip strength, bursting strength, bursting strength, data and soil mutual friction effect. Third, the hydraulic objectives: vertical permeability coefficient, the degree of surface soaking, gradient ratio. Fourth, the durability: anti-aging, anti-chemical erosion. Testing requirements of talented skills to detect the quality of part of the test, according to the test requirements and detailed construction requirements, in response to the addition or removal of the relevant test items, and issued a specific test report. Dam outbreak is mainly due to the flood through the Tanzan cracks, scouring the main dam body, followed by the ups and downs of the flood, the dam soil material is accompanied by water flow, causing the crest (dam slope) cracks, The And the East dam head control 13 dam by the flood test, did not show the crest (dam slope) cracks, Meng pier Diaozhe, root Tan Shi sting and other dangerous. Analysis of its causes, mainly in the water into the building in the lower part of the body when the tiled a layer of geotextile, and geotextile effect is just soil conservation, filter, drainage.

When the flood through the tan stone cracks and waterproof geotextiles immersed in the dam, the process of flooding, immersed in the dam body of water according to the geotextile drainage can only drain the water, and can not rely on the dam soil material Take away, it did not cause the dam body material flow, dam out of the insurance to the lowest point, and this is the waterproof geotextile soil, filter, drainage characteristics of the detailed display.