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How can they be used for flood management structures?
Jan 30, 2018

Designing with Geo-synthetics

Recall the 5 principal functions of geo-synthetics

• Separation

• Reinforcement

• Filtration

• Drainage

• Liquid barrier

Consider a geotextile under an embankment


 This geotextile may function simultaneously in filtration, separation,

drainage and reinforcement.

Design by function

Determine the function of the geo synthetic component in question

Determine the required properties (filtration size, in-plane or cross-plane hydraulic flow capacity, required tensile strength and modulus)

Standard “INDEX” Tests have been developed to aid in the evaluation of the required properties and selection of a particular geosynthetic product.

Strength (tensile, burst, tear, puncture)

Filtration (AOS, EOS, FOS)

Permeability and Drainage Capacity