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Geotextiles has three main series
Dec 12, 2016

Non-woven geotextiles, acupuncture, specifications choose between 100g/m2-600g/m2, the main raw materials are polyester or polypropylene staple fibres, needle punching into and main uses are: River, Lake and sea dike revetment, reclaiming land, dock, lock projects such as flood, return to filter through to the soil and water conservation and effective ways to prevent piping.

Second, non-woven composite geotextiles and PE film with acupuncture, specifications are a cloth one membrane, two cloth one membrane, maximum width of 4.2 m mainly raw materials is to use acupuncture and non-woven fabrics of polyester staple fiber, compounded by PE film, main purpose is impervious, applies to railways, highways, tunnels, subways, airports and other projects.

Third, non-woven and woven composite geotextiles, non-woven polypropylene filament woven composite, non-woven and woven plastic compound, suitable for Foundation reinforcement, adjust the permeability coefficient of foundation engineering facilities.


Light weight, low cost, corrosion resistance, filtration, drainage, isolation, enhancing performance.