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Drying sludge special bag packing machine
Mar 24, 2018

Dry sludge special bag packaging machine brief description

The main components of this series of automatic quantitative packaging scales are integrated automatic packaging system consisting of feeding mechanism, weighing mechanism, pneumatic actuator, bagging mechanism, dust removal mechanism, and electronic control part. The system equipment is generally used for the rapid and constant open-quantitative weighing and packaging of solid granular materials and powdery materials, such as rice, beans, milk powder, feed, metal powder, plastic particles and various chemical raw materials.

Drying sludge special bag packaging machine main features

1. The control core consists of PLC, touch screen and weighing system, which maximizes the weighing control accuracy and stability of the machine.

2. The whole machine except the frame is made of 304 stainless steel, which can be applied to corrosive chemical materials.

Centralized dust removal, no dust pollution in the workshop, easy cleaning of residual materials, flushing with water.

3. Pneumatic bag holder, good sealing, size can be replaced, can adapt to a variety of sizes bags.

4. Optional feeding method: double helix, double vibration, two-speed free blanking.

5. Adding belt conveyor, sewing machine, folding machine or heat sealing machine can become a complete packaging system.