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Drainage Filter Fabric Geotextile Non Woven Geotextile
Jun 05, 2017

                    Thermal bonded Polyester Non-Woven Geotextile 


Geotextiles are widely used in motorway construction for improvement of tensile-transformation properties of soil basement by reinforcement with geosynthetics. It would be a realistic

 approach to analyze behavioral properties of the material under recurrent forces, now that such a 

reinforcement is a dynamic problem. In this study, changes in resistance properties of thin uniform 

sand soil basement under applied recurrent forces were investigated after reinforcement via various 

geotextile types. Experiments were performed on sand specimens saturated with water and arranged 

with a specific relative tightness in the laboratory with torsion shearing gadget with a specific tightness. After a series of experiments under isotropic conditions without drainage, it was observed that randomly distributed geotextile reinforcement significantly increased strength of the soil under dynamic loads.

The fabric can also be heat treated by infrared at customer's requirements. Our geotextile are UV 

stabilized to give protection against aging under exposure to natural ultra-violet light.


1.It can effectively make the concentrated stress diffuse, transfer or decompound, and prevent the soil 

   mass against the destruction of outside force.

2.It can prevent the mixture of sandstone, soil mass and concrete of upper and lower layers.

3.Its mesh is hard to jam by virtue of the compliancy and motility of the reticulation formed by indefinite 

   form fibrous tissue.

4.High water permeability-it can keep good water permeability even in the pressure of soil and water.

5.Corrosion resistant it is made from polypropylene fiber or terylene or other chemical fiber, 

    featuring resistance to acid and alkali and oxidation, non-corroding, no worm-eaten

6.Easy construction-low weight, easy operation, simple construction

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