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Composite geotextiles
Dec 12, 2016

Is a member of the large family of geo-synthetic material, widely used in road, railway, water conservancy, large buildings, power plant fly ash dam construction, nonferrous metal mine tailings management, environmental engineering, soil and water conservation, and so on.

Composite geomembrane service life problems, mostly from seepage water and the film lost, according to the national standards of the Soviet Union, hydraulic with thickness of 0.2m and stabilizer of polyethylene film, length up to 40-50 in water conditions, work in sewage conditions for 30-40. Composite geomembrane service life is sufficient to meet the requirements of dam seepage control life.

Product variety: a cloth one membrane, two cloth one membrane, membrane, etc.

Features: set of anti-seepage and drainage in one, high strength, friction coefficient, puncture-resistant, anti-aging, acid, to prevent soil erosion.

Construction of composite geomembrane

Composite Geomembrane is labeled geotextile on one side or both sides of the film to form a composite geomembrane. In the form of a cloth of a film, two cloth one membrane, a cloth two membrane.

As geomembrane geotextile layer, impervious layer of protection from damage. In order to reduce ultraviolet radiation increase anti-aging properties, the best use of embedding the laying.