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Polyester Woven Geotextile

TRST FWG-Series woven PET geotextiles are designed for a range of applications requiring reinforcement, separation and filtration. The polyester geotextile can be used in long-term soil stabilization, embankment, reinforced wall and slope, coastal and riverbank revetments and landfills.
Product Details:

TRST FWG-Series Woven PET Geotextiles


GEOTRST FWG-Series Woven PET geotextiles are made of high tenacity and high molecular weight polyester yarns. The woven PET geotextiles deliver high tensile strength at low elongation, superior durability and resistance to installation damage and chemical substances, enabling stable performance.

GEOTRST PET Geotextiles are a range of polyester woven geotextiles, offering high strength at low elongation and with strengths of up to 1000kN/m. Polyester woven geotextiles provide solutions to the toughest reinforcement applications, including embankments on soft foundations, retaining walls ,steepened slopes,coastal and riverbank revetments and landfills.. For any application where long term design of earth reinforcement structures is involved, GEOTRST PET Woven Polyester Geotextiles are rational choices.

Used as a reinforcement layer, PET woven geotextiles prevent the construction layers from mixing with potentially damaging soft sub grade, increasing the strength of the granular layers and soil platforms, thereby preventing the premature failure of the construction.

 Woven PET Geotextiles Functions 

− Stabilization

− Separation

− Reinforcement

− Drainage

− Filtration 


− Creep Resistance -- Polyester fibers provide excellent creep resistance which results in higher long term design strengths.

− Cost effective -- Woven reinforcement geotextiles provide cost effective strengths for reinforced soil structures.

− High Tensile strength -- Made of polyester yarns, woven PET geotextiles offer sufficient reinforcement strength while delivering excellent hydraulic properties.

Road stabillizaton .jpg

ΔPavement soft ground reinforcement

woven geotextile 014.jpg

ΔEmbankment reinforcement

retaining walls 17.jpg

ΔRetaining wall reinforcement







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A: T/T, L/C, onetouch

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A:Yes, the free samples can be sent to you to check the quality. We will charge the express fee based on the area sent, your express account is the top choice for samples sending.

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A:Yes, we welcome customized designs.

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