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Sand Filled Geotextile Tube (Geotube) For Coastal Protection

Geotextile tubes are designed to deliver cost effective solution for waste water treatment and marine dredging operations applications. Geotextile tubes can be placed along shorelines and rives fronts as part of man-made dune or riverbank. They are also perfect for containing and dewatering sludge from environmental dredging and industrial processes.
Product Details:

Sand Filled Geotextile Tube (geotube) For Coastal Protection


Sand filled geotextile tube (geotube)  provides cost-effective solutions for flood prevention, shorelines protection and mariculture. The geotextile tube is used as part of man-made sand dunes or riverbanks and laid along shorelines as embankments. It can also float at sea for marine aquaculture

The geotube is made of  high-strength fibers with small aperture  to prevent loss of sand.  Geotube features long lifespan and UV resistance. Geotube size can be customized according to your project specification. 


− Coastal protection

− River bank flood control

− Erosion control



− Small aperture

− Excellent durability

− UV Resistance

− Custom Made Available








1. What is the payment term?

A: T/T, L/C, onetouch

2. May I get a cheaper price?

A: favorable discount will be given if there is a large quantity you need.

3. Are the free samples available?

A:Yes, the free samples can be sent to you to check the quality. We will charge the express fee based on the area sent, your express account is the top choice for samples sending.

 4. Do the customized designs be accepted?

A:Yes, we welcome customized designs.

5. How to contact with us?

A:Choose one product and leave a message there, or see the contact way, there are the contacted detail information.

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